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Use experimental process to validate business models, streamline sales channel or nurture business culture. With evidence driven, retrospective learning, increase efficiency and reduce risk in all your decision making.


Experimentation is core to all areas of your business. From marketing, to product, to engineering and operations. The Experiment Board cross trains your team, helping to build a learning culture in your organisation.


Define purpose and align your company objectives and desired outcomes. Helping you find the right path to reach your goals. Making it easier for everyone to stay focused and ontop of progress.

Being able to manage my experiments and build an evidence backlog is great. I have made Upperstory part of my daily standup process as it helps me shape my thinking and lets me build a source of truth about our business.
We used the tool to track our business experiments. It enabled us to quickly and easily demonstrate progress in our project. The information gathered from each experiment was then used to design new experiments.

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